From the time that the first opera was performed in the United States to the present day, there have been many talented American-born opera singers, who have made their mark on history and continue to do so. William Henry Fry, born in 1815, has been considered by many, to be the father of American opera and over the years there have been many American composers following in his footsteps and as diverse as Americans are, they each have possessed their own unique style. Please browse the website for more information about the American opera tradition or for information about American instrumental music and piano music, see the archive section (currently under update). There are currently 125 opera houses in the United States. Although the five most popular venues differ in age and decor, they all are substantial in size and are located in some of the largest cities in America. Read more on the page about opera houses.

American Opera Theater

“Dear Friends,
For the past 8 years AOT has been a presenter of innovative musical works that broaden the definition of opera. From a circus version of “Acis + Galatea” to a cabaret version of “Carmen”; from a staging of “Messiah” to a Kurt Weill evening with Sylvia McNair that dramatized homelessness after Katarina; from a staging of the ancient Fleury manuscript to a world premiere staging of “The Gonzales Cantata”… George Crumb and Francios Couperin in one theatrical evening, and American premiers of “La Didone” and “David et Jonathas”, “Butterfly” with gamelan consort, John Downland to explore the grief of a lost loved one, Messiaen’s epic “Harawi” as a journey to transcendence, and the list goes on.
American Opera Theater has been formative in the lives of so many young artists, and we thank audiences and supporters alike for taking time in this busy world to stop and listen. Everything has its time and place, and the future of AOT and the artists involved now comes to a new road, where we each will explore new future paths. AOT now transforms into a production company, producing new works as opportunities arise. Without the pressures of a full annual season, the company is now free to follow that magic combination of insporation and opportunity. This is not an end but a beginning – a rebirth and the reinvention that has defined AOT from its start. Stay tuned for what comes next!”

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